Get and Offer Coupon Codes on

Want to get a Coupon Code?

It will cost you nothing, all you need to do is to create an account on and share a link from the coupon owner on your website, blog etc.

When your shared link is clicked by a set number of unique visitors (set by the coupon owner) you will receive your coupon code.

As simple as that!

In plain words, you need to do something for the company that provides the coupon code, that being advertising for it by sharing a link.

For a better understanding please read the Get Coupon Tutorial.

Share the Coupon Code link to your friends

Want to get something in return for giving a Coupon Code?

Join by registering and start adding your Coupon Codes.

What you get in return is new traffic and customers to your business.

For a coupon to be given, the user that wants the coupon code needs to share your link on their website, blog, his friends etc.

Posting coupon codes on is free of charge.

Get new customers by giving Coupon Codes

For a better understanding please read the Add Coupon Tutorial.

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