Not Sure Module

Not Sure Module

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Not Sure module enables you to find out your customers opinions about your services or products you sell. Very easy to install and configure.

Your customers choose from options why they are not sure about purchasing, also they can send a quick message with questions. If you want to find out your customer opinions about your services or products you sell in a very simple way, Not Sure module is the solution for you.

  1. Edit button text
  2. Button templates
  3. Pop-up width and height
  4. Introduction text
  5. Message option
  6. Email options
  7. Unlimited questions
See it in action here next to the order button.

To install Not Sure on your Joomla website please follow the guide below:

  1. Install the module as any other Joomla extension
  2. After installation you will need to go to Module Manager page
  3. Search for "Not Sure" in Module Manager
  4. Enable the Not Sure Module
  5. Configure the module for your needs


Not Sure Screenshot 1 Not Sure Screenshot 2

Not Sure Module is currently compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x/3.x.x.

If your website doesn't use Joomla and you want to integrate Not Sure module in your website please contact us using the contact form.

If you need help in installing, configuring or troubleshooting the extension please use the contact form.